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Founders Message

Agraus Resources focus on humanizing human, cultural preservation and restoring environments to create a true sustainable growth. Conventional profit making has contributed to inequalities that resulted in disparity and in turn massive poverty all over the world. The gap between the super high net worth and average citizens have grown wider and wider and that create unsustainable living among the livelihood of human kind. When inequality takes over your value chain, sustainability will be at its highest risk. As today corporate giants start to realize the potential threats to their productions a result of this, Agraus Resources have been experiencing and demonstrating a unique solution which enviro-culture preservation can really ensure the sustainability of commercial growth.
- DR. Riza Suarga, Chairman & CEO -

As corporate giants are committing on net zero to negative emission operation through combination of applying technologies and investing in carbon projects, Agraus can cater and help you just that through developing the best quality of multiple pipelines all across the regions.

One of our initiative is local wisdom and culture preservation. Once they are embedded, carbon projects have been growing into very lucrative business while at the same time putting human and environment first are proven to make the whole value chain more sustain, valuable as well as able to give shareholders a very high yield returns.

Project Location


First Batch Pipeline


Past Experience

- Conservation experiences from sustainable forest management through participative mapping of 7 family tribes in PT. Selaras Inti Semesta (Medcopapua Group) forestry planning, to peatland restoration of PT Global Alam Lestari (Sumatra Merang Peatland Project).

- Our pipeline consist of multiple carbon projects of peat, mangrove and mineral soil forest all over Indonesia from Aceh, Riau, West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, West Papua and Papua.

What We Want To Achieve

Our Focus

Carbon project investment and development with “out of the box” community development initiatives.

Empowering local community through health, education, and strengthening local economy

Indigenous culture preservation.

Community sustainable waste management system

Gender equality

Partners & Affiliates

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Agraus Activities Snaps

Mangrove restoration project

Mentawai man - Toekapik was one of the tribe’s shaman or “sikerey” and he is also a “sipatiti” or tattoo artist. A K S U  has successfully launched a clothing line based on Mentawai tattoo pattern as its trade mark in 2018. Some of the proceeds of the sales are going to preserve Mentawai culture

Mentawai Women - Sesakai is Toekapik’s wife from Rogdog village, Siberut Island , Mentawai

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