The Team

Riza Suarga
Founder & Chairman

DR. Suarga earned his Bachelors degree from Ohio University in Economics double majored in Mechanical Engineering, received special Rector’s Scholarships for his Master in Management from Trisakti University, and then his PhD in Resource Management and Anthropology from University of Indonesia. He has written numerous articles and books about forestry and how to combat illegal logging, while he is also listed as a special lecturer of Trisakti University. He is the initiator of “Saving Our Tomorrow”, an initiative to make Indonesia the prominent savior of the Earth through pipeline of carbon projects. His experience managing large scales forestry and carbon projects among others are sustainable forest management of PT. Selaras Inti Semesta (Medco Papua) in Merauke Papua; to restoration and conservation of Sumatra Merang Peatland Project (PT. Global Alam Lestari) in Musi Banyuasin, South Sumatera. He was the first Chairman of Carbon Team formed by Association of Indonesian Forest Concessionaires, then lead Standardization and Certification Permanent Committee of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well as Sustainable Consumption and Production. His later task was appointed as the Vice Chairman of Eastern Indonesia Economic Council, while together with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry he formed Ecolabel Desk. He is now also belongs to Ministry’s Board of Experts of Technical Committee for Environmental Friendly Technology Verification and Special Committee for Public Facility Services Standard. He believes that managing natural resources most challenging responsibilities are social issue resolutions where apparently what he has spent most of his concentration on.

Alejo Artaza
Development Partner & Advisor to CEO

Mr. Artaza is a Senior Multicultural Engineer with proven International track record having worked in 67 countries (living in 8 of them) where his strength are in bio economy business development, project management, outsourcing & International contracting with multiple range executive responsibility positions in environment sustainability, energy efficiency, new material technology and process optimization. He graduated cum laude in Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Simon Bolivar University, and Master of Industrial Engineering from Cranfield Institute of Technology. His experience began with Lagoven S.A (ex Exxon) as Director for Planning and Control of Capital Projects, Beloit Corporation Asia Pacific as Vice President, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Basque Paper Consortium, to Executive Director/Assessor in Medco Papua Group. His special assignment was actively involved in Club de Roma Basque Chapter conference on renewable energies and the influence in the climate change while also lectured at Deusto University San Sebastien Spain.

Robert Satrya
Investor Relation, Advisor to CEO

Mr. Satrya is a senior finance and investment professional. He earned his Bachelor of Finance Management from California State University Long Beach and Master of Applied Finance from University of Western Sydney. His credentials are extensive in various investor relation related engagements. He was part of multi billion dollars deals in setting up MNC Group, the country largest media conglomerate, from early stage to multiple listings of the holding company as well as its subsidiaries. He joined PT. Global Alam Lestari – Sumatra Merang Peatland Project as Advisor to CEO for the same role and now responsible for inviting potential investors, partners as well as carbon credit buyers for the new pipeline of Agraus Resources that focus on forest restoration and conservation. He has pledged to dedicate his time for better Earth and Saving Our Tomorrow initiative.

Mirza Laharsya Suarga
President Director

Graduated from Newcastle School of Business, Northumbria University for his Bachelor degree and recipient of National Scholarship from Indonesia Defense University majoring in Energy Security for his Master. His research was about renewable energy mapping and potential in Indonesia and continuously dedicate his time towards working on converting fossil fuels to renewable. One of his early endeavor was collaboration with PLN Enjineering, State Owned Electric Company subsidiary on developing biomass power plant initiatives at Eastern part of Indonesia that are well known as country’s most under developed region. His other concentrations are expanding renewable energy carbon credits as well as promoting numerous environmental friendly technology products.

Nadira Alisha Suarga

Earned partial scholarships for double degree of her Bachelor of Fashion Management from Binus International University and Northumbria University School of Design, Nadira’s passion consistently working and promoting indigenous cultures through her unique designs in preventing them from extinction. Her brand Aksu has been well known in the country for its design on preserving just that. Her extensive works start from Mentawai culture, Dayak, Javanese to Bali Aga. Aksu’s recent contribution is collaboration with Sumbu in helping Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) raising awareness on COVID-19 threats to orangutans as they share 97% same DNA as humans. Her new creation is a masterpiece of bucket hat unique design and some of the proceed of their sales go to the effort of protecting the species from this pandemic. Her continuous remarkable and unique works certainly leverage the quality of Climate, Community and Biodiversity level for many carbon projects.

Sri Mariati
Sustainability Expert, Advisor to CEO

Miss Mariati is an experienced environmental expert, earned her Bachelors from University of Riau majored in Marine Science, Masters in Environmental Studies from Universitas Andalas, and a cumlaude in PhD of Environmental Studies from University of Indonesia. Her early career started as a consultant for WWF Indonesia until she managed to be a Sustainable Financing Coordinator, Head of Sustainability and Stakeholders Engagement of Royal Lestari Utama (a JV company between Michelin and Barito Pacific Group), Terrestrial Program Director of Conservation International (CI) Indonesia , and Executive Director of Belantara Foundation.

Gigit Pratama Ginarso
GIS and Spatial Planning Specialist

Gigit is a dedicated GIS Specialist who has been working extensively in mapping production, from land use planning to conflict resolution mapping. His expertise are GIS Spatial Analyst, Remote Sensing, Spatial Planning, Drone Mapping, and Field Survey. He holds Diploma in Marine Technology from Bogor Institute of Agriculture, Bachelor degree in Management from PBM Institute of Economics, and currently pursuing a Master of Urban Development degree from Krisnadwipayana University. His working experiences were GIS Specialist at Belantara Foundation and many strategic government projects all over Indonesia.

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